Why these supplements?

Why this pet food?

Finally! A line of products with clean, minimal ingredients. Soy free, gluten free, vegan products that contain the nutrients you need, none of the junk you don't, and taste great. They're safe for the whole family, including kids! Email me to find out how I'm using the full line of nutritional supplements every single day or click on Shop Nutrition to get started.


News! I have a new site now, at happyvalleyhealthy.com. This site will remain live for most of 2018 but I hope you will join me at my new address for the latest! 

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​it'sJoyce Hoffman.

It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I love my dog. I want to give him the very best that I can. I want quality, minimal ingredients from a reputable company--food that will contribute to his good health for years to come. Click on Shop Pets above to check out the full line of pet food, supplements and supplies.

I'm really excited to be in the vendor line-up for Petapalooza Adoption Festival 2017 at Central Penn College near Harrisburg on Saturday, May 20. Come see me for the best in pet treats, food, chews, supplements and care products! Free samples available too! Visit the Petapalooza site to learn more!

Upcoming Event - May 20